Experienced Full Stack Developer

For over 5 years, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, as well as our ability to deliver for our customers.

Who am I

I am a full stack developer and a IT-specialist who is looking for work in Tokyo Metropolitan area. I have worked professionally on web for 20years, on native applications and systems for 15years. I have also worked as IT Project manager and an IT Infrastructure architect in my current job for over 10 years.

I am currently residing in Finland but will be moving to Tokyo to my family in spring 2020.

Name: Ilkka Takayama (previously Savilampi)

Age: 34years

Nationality: Finland

Nearest station in Tokyo: Uguisudani Station (鶯谷駅 - 山手線, 京浜東北線) and Iriya Station (入谷駅 - 日比谷線)

Family: Wife and two children

Language skills: English (Fluent), Finnish (Native) and Japanese (Basics)

People who recommend me for programming positions

Matti Peltola - CEO - Koneyrittät Ry

My current employer of over 10 years.
Matti Peltola
Koneyrittäjät Ry
+358 40 9009 412
matti.peltola (att) koneyrittajat.fi.removeme

Erkki Eilavaara - CEO - Finnmetko Oy

My current employer of over 10 years.
Erkki Eilavaara
Finnmetko Oy
+358 40 9009 421
erkki.eilavaara (att) koneyrittajat.fi.removeme

Auvo Kaivola - General Secretary - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification in Finland

Person who I have worked with for 20years. I have provided his organisation Programming services and IT services.
Auvo Kaivola
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification in Finland
General Secretary
+358 40 076 5437
auvo.kaivola (att) pefc.fi.removeme

Pauli Matalamäki - Lowhill productions Oy

Person who I have helped to build Youtube presence between 2019-2020
Pauli Matalamäki
Lowhill productions Oy
pauli.matalamaki (att) gmail.com.removeme

What kind of technologies I know

My Skillset

  • Software Development Methodologies
    • Rapid application development
    • Waterfall
    • Scrum
  • Python (20years)
    • Wx user interfaces
    • Sockets
    • pyTest
    • pillow
  • PHP (20years)
    • CodeIngiter
    • PDF generation
    • REST API creation
    • composer
    • Wx User interfaces
    • ImageMagic
  • SQL (20years)
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • MsSQL
    • SQLite
  • Javascript (20years)
    • NPM
    • jquery
    • leaflet
    • threeJs
    • JSON Web Tokens
    • xml
  • HTML + CSS (20years)
  • Puppeteer
  • Amazon AWS (10years)
    • EC2
    • S3
    • RDS
  • C
  • Z80 Assembly
  • Basics from Java, C#, Swiftic, Ionic and many more
  • Git etc. basic tools
  • Bash scripts
  • Computer forensics
    • Including cooperation with Finnish Cybersecurity Center, Ministry of Justice and Police
  • Office 365 Administartion
  • Microsoft AD Administration
  • urBackup
  • f-secure BSFB
  • Sun VirtualBox
  • Over all IT administration

Language skills

  • English (Fluent)
  • Finnish (Native)
  • Japanese (Basics)

I have studied Japanese in High School but I had long time of not using Japanese so I have forgotten most of it. My wife only speaks Japanese so I am learning Japanese in rapid phase.

I have also studied German and Swedish in primary school and high school for 6 years but I have mostly forgotten all about them. I can understand German and Swedish to certain extent but I can’t produce any German or Swedish of my own.

My Hobbies

Electronics and tool designing

I enjoy building electronic projects ranging from simple USB keyboards to carbon dioxide laser cutter control electronics. I do electronics designing, case and functional parts designing and manufacturing.

Some of the software I use to design these include Autodesk Fusion 360, Atmel Studio, Arduino software development tools and Processing. I am mostly only familiar with Atmega microcontrollers.

I have mostly worked on digital systems but have basic skills in analog systems as well.

One good example of an electronic tool builds by me is a GPS receiver and base station that gave approximately 1cm accurate position readings. The project was build using RTKLIB and mostly off the shelf parts. The accuracy of the system was surprisingly good when considering Finland resides at very high latitude and low inclination of most GPS satellites.

I don’t have experience and formal training to where I could officially work designing or building electronics or tools.

I hope to continue this hobby by finding a maker space in Tokyo metropolitan area.

RC and autonomous vehicles designing and flying

I have been building radio controlled and autonomous planes, quadcopters and high-altitude balloons for 10years now. I started with simple store-bought quad copters but have since moved to autonomous planes with my own stabilization and other systems and have launched few high-altitude balloons as well.

These have given me a lot to learn in fields of programming and designing embed systems, radio communications and Aircraft design processes. I can’t say I have mastered any of these fields to a degree where I could officially work on them.

I don’t think I can continue this hobby in Japan due to safety concerns. Population density is much higher and there are no wide non populated areas available in Japan. I don’t think I can obtain radio license in Japan and I am not familiar enough with Japan to operate these crafts safely and responsibly.

But the lessons learned from this hobby will stay with me for my lifetime.


I have studied kendo for 4years from 2011 in Finland but have not since had time to get back to it. I hope to be able to return to study kendo in Japan.

I visited Japan to study kendo for shortly two times at Kogakuin University (工学院大学).