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I am a developer and an IT-specialist who is looking for work in the Tokyo Metropolitan area. I have worked professionally as a developer for 20years. I have also worked as an IT Project manager and an IT Infrastructure architect in my current job for over ten years

I am currently residing in Finland want to move to Tokyo as soon as possible.

Background Information

Name: Ilkka Takayama (previously Savilampi)
Age: 35years
Nationality: Finland
Nearest station in Tokyo: Uguisudani Station (鶯谷駅 - 山手線, 京浜東北線) and Iriya Station (入谷駅 - 日比谷線)
Family: Wife and two children
Language skills: English (Fluent), Finnish (Native) and Japanese (Basics)

Contact Details

Ilkka Takayama
Luutnantinpolku 9 E 35
00410 Helsinki

+358 45 3 533 533

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*Please Excuse my poor Japanese

Work experience

Koneyrittäjät Ry

Developer / IT-specialist 2009 – My current job

Koneyrittäjät Ry is an employer’s union for earthmoving-, forestry- and bioenergy- entrepreneurs with 2500member organizations. I have been responsible for IT administration, project management, consulting and programming in my position.

I have built a wide variety of different kinds of systems that e g. manages the flow of membership data from and to 3rd party organizations, public, and internal web services. I have worked mostly using Python, PHP, and Javascript.

I have also been the overseeing project manager for externally produced IT projects.

Our organization's overall IT infrastructure has been my responsibility.

Koneyrittäjät Ry
Sitratie 7
CEO Matti Peltola
matti.peltola (att)

Finnmetko Oy

Developer / IT-specialist 2009 – My current job

Finnmetko Oy holds exhibitions, publishes a magazine, and organizes educational events. My responsibilities have been the overall IT Development and Administration, IT project management, and programming of our internal computer systems.

FinnMETKO is a big outdoor exhibition for Earthmoving, Forestry, and Logistics industries that is held every other year. The exhibition receives over 35 000 professional visitors and 350 exhibitors from all around the globe (eg. Europe, USA, China, Canada) over 4days.

I have built our exhibition management software that stores and processes all information regarding the exhibition like positions and dimensions of stands, tickets, and materials sent to exhibitors and billable services. Management software has publicly, exhibitor, and internally accessible modules. During the exhibition, I have been responsible for exhibitor services, exhibition building, and telecommunication services. I have been able to build solutions that have dropped our billing-cycle time from months to days. My responsibilities also included supervising our exhibition guides and visitor researchers of about 60people.

Finnmetko Oy is 100% owned by Koneyrittäjät Ry. In daily operations, we are one and the same organization.

Finnmetko Oy
Sitratie 7
CEO Erkki Eilavaara
erkki.eilavaara (att)

Finnish Self Defence Forces Research and Education Center

Military service March 2005 – October 2005

Employment Certificate (PDF - In finnish)

I was selected to serve in the Finnish Self Defence Forces Research and Education Center (PVKK) at end of my basic military training. I served my basic training in the Karelia Brigade (KARTR) - Karelia Artillery Regiment. Military service is compulsory for men in Finland.

Some of my tasks included technical support to an education platform called KOPO. KOPO had around 11 000 users from all branches of Finnish Self Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard. Some of the tools used in KOPO were;

  • IBM DB2
  • IBM Content Manager
  • IBM WebSphere Portal Server 4.1
  • IBM Tivoli Access Manager
  • R5 Vision - R5 Portal
  • R5 Vision - R5 Generation 3.3/4.0

The Finnish Self Defence Forces Research and Education Center was combined into the National Defence University in early 2006.

Finnish Self Defence Forces
Defence Command
PO BOX 919, 00131 HELSINKI
Fabianinkatu 2, 00131 Helsinki
The Finnish Defence Forces national switch board number +358 299 800

TTS Research institute

IT assistant at TTS Research institute August 2000 – December 2010

Employment Certificate (PDF - In finnish)

TTS provides research and development services for improving the productivity of your companies. They develop the efficiency of time management, work processes, organization skills, and working environments.
My tasks included user support, installation and maintenance of workstations, assisting in network cabling the offices and laboratories, programming web applications, and taking part in expo activities.

TTS Tutkimus
PL 5 (Kiljavantie 6)
05201 Rajamäki

Suomen Tuotetieto Oy

Market researcher December 2005 – end of 2006

Market research included everything from everyday bread to medication used in breast cancer treatments by Oncology Doctors.

Suomen tuotetieto Oy
Jaakkima Kolkki
Telephone: +35840 5013411

Stora Enso Oyj

Paper Mill Stand-in Worker Summer 2007, Summer 2008 and Summer 2009

I was responsible for operating the winding station and the re-winding station for the Paper Machines #2 (book printing paper) and #3 (uncoated magazine paper). I also took part in maintenance work for both wet and dry ends of the paper machine #3 and the winding stations. I was a stand-in for the summer season.

Stora Enso Oyj
Anjalan Paperitehdas
Ensontie 1
46900 Inkeroinen
Switch board number tel. +358 204 61 17

My own Small Business

I have operated my own small business besides my daily job in the following fields.

Network cabling

I started by producing network cabling installations but quickly found out that the return on invested time was too small. I continued to provide a warranty until the end of my contracts (5years). None of the cabling installations, made by me has failed to this date (almost 10years).

Laser engraving

I tried to make money on the side with laser engraving. I first started by marketing laser engraved dog pictures to dog owners. As with the cabling installations I found out the return on investments was too low. The Main reason was that manufacturing high-quality products took a lot of manual labor.

After this, I found my gold mine. I produced laser engravings on Finnish wooden cups called “Kuksa”s. I was able to automate the marketing and had it automatically adjust itself to my current backlog. I was able to remove my own warehouse risk by having a starting goods supplier very close to my place of operations. I also automated the production to a very high degree. Unfortunately after two years, EU GDPR legislation made marketing my product financially unviable. I produced around 20 000 pieces of “kuksa” mugs in these two years. I was able to push product costs to customers below 50% of the competition in the whole nation due to the efficient use of automation. I only sold to business with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces.

Wool Scarfs

After this, I decided to have another go at consumer markets by making a robot that knit woolen scarves with minimal intervention. These scarves were very popular in Finland at the time, unfortunately, I had production difficulties due to mechanical problems and I saw it was a more smart move to leave the business at that.

What I learned from all of this

What I have learned from operating my own small business is marketing, time and effort management, and fail-fast mentality where appliable to raise a few.

I have always had consent to operate my own small business in my free time from my main employer. I have no interest in returning to running a small business.

Suomen sahayrittäjät Ry

Web consultant Duration: Short Gig in 2003

Employment Certificate (PDF - In finnish)

Suomen sahayrittäjät Ry
Rahulannintie 57
79100 Leppävirta
+358 40 8218 238

The Finnish Organic Association

Web consultant Duration: April 2003 – May 2004

Employment Certificate (PDF - In finnish)

PL 145
00101 Helsinki
+358 144 6160


Following people have agreed to recommend me to Developer positions

Matti Peltola

CEO Koneyrittät Ry

My current employer of over 10 years.

Matti Peltola
Koneyrittäjät Ry
+358 40 9009 412
matti.peltola (att)

Auvo Kaivola

General Secretary Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification in Finland

Person who I have worked with for 20years. I have provided his organisation Programming services and IT services.

Auvo Kaivola
Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification in Finland
General Secretary
+358 40 076 5437
auvo.kaivola (att)

Pauli Matalamäki

CEO Lowhill productions Oy

Person who I have helped to build Social media presence between 2019-2020

Pauli Matalamäki
Lowhill productions Oy
tel. +358 50 534 6320
pauli.matalamaki (att)


I am an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect - Associate.

  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • HTML + CSS
  • Javascript
  • Amazon AWS
  • Python (20years)
    • Flask
    • Numpy
    • Wx user interfaces
    • Sockets
    • pyTest
    • pillow
  • PHP (20years)
    • PDF generation
    • REST API creation
    • Wx User interfaces
    • ImageMagic
  • SQL (20years)
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • MsSQL
    • SQLite
  • Javascript (20years)
    • jquery
    • leaflet
    • threeJs
    • JSON Web Tokens
    • xml
  • Docker
  • HTML + CSS (20years)
  • Amazon AWS (10years)
  • Git etc. basic tools
  • Bash scripts
  • Computer forensics
    • Including cooperation with Finnish Cybersecurity Center, Ministry of Justice and Police
  • Office 365 Administartion
  • Microsoft AD Administration
  • Sun VirtualBox
  • Over all IT administration
Language skills

  • English (Fluent)
  • Finnish (Native)
  • Japanese (Basics)

I have studied Japanese in High School but I had long time of not using Japanese, so I have forgotten most of it. My wife only speaks Japanese so I am learning Japanese in rapid phase.

I have also studied German and Swedish in primary school and High School for 6 years but I have mostly forgotten about them. I can understand German and Swedish to certain extent but I can’t produce any German or Swedish of my own.


RC plane
Electronics and tool designing

I enjoy building electronic projects ranging from simple USB keyboards to carbon dioxide laser cutter control electronics. I do electronics designing, case and functional parts designing and manufacturing.

Some of the software I use to design these include Autodesk Fusion 360, Atmel Studio, Arduino software development tools and Processing. I am mostly only familiar with Atmega microcontrollers.

I have mostly worked on digital systems but have basic skills in analog systems as well.

One good example of an electronic tool builds by me is a GPS receiver and base station that gave approximately 1cm accurate position readings. The project was build using RTKLIB and mostly off the shelf parts. The accuracy of the system was surprisingly good when considering Finland resides at very high latitude and low inclination of most GPS satellites.

I don’t have experience and formal training to where I could officially work designing or building electronics or tools.

I hope to continue this hobby by finding a maker space in Tokyo metropolitan area.

RC and autonomous vehicles designing and flying

I have been building radio controlled and autonomous planes, quadcopters and high-altitude balloons for 10years now. I started with simple store-bought quad copters but have since moved to autonomous planes with my own stabilization and other systems and have launched few high-altitude balloons as well.

These have given me a lot to learn in fields of programming and designing embed systems, radio communications and Aircraft design processes. I can’t say I have mastered any of these fields to a degree where I could officially work on them.

I don’t think I can continue this hobby in Japan due to safety concerns. Population density is much higher and there are no wide non populated areas available in Japan. I don’t think I can obtain radio license in Japan and I am not familiar enough with Japan to operate these crafts safely and responsibly.

But the lessons learned from this hobby will stay with me for my lifetime.


I have studied kendo for 4years since 2011 in Finland but have not since had time to get back to it. I hope to be able to return to study kendo in Japan.

I visited Japan to study kendo for shortly two times at Kogakuin University (工学院大学).


High School – Lauttasaaren yhteiskoulu (2001-2004)

Matriculation examination results

  • Advanced Mathematics - Cum laude appro­batur - approved with praise
  • English - Magna cum laude appro­batur - approved with great praise
  • Finnish - Lubenter appro­batur - gladly approved
  • Swedish - Lubenter appro­batur - gladly approved
  • Sciences - Lubenter appro­batur - gladly approved
Aalto university - Department of Forest Products Technology (fall 2006 – winter 2010 unfinished)

I was accepted to study Forest Products Technology, but I got an offer i could not turn down from Koneyrittäjät Ry before I could finish my studies. I have had good skills in programming and me and my current employer met and they made me an offer I could not turn down. My major subject was papermaking and secondary was mechanical engineering.

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